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Add classes to an <img> element to easily style images in any project.

Cross-browser compatibility

Keep in mind that Internet Explorer 8 lacks support for rounded corners.

A generic square placeholder image with rounded corners A generic square placeholder image where only the portion within the circle circumscribed about said square is visible A generic square placeholder image with a white border around it, making it resemble a photograph taken with an old instant camera
<img src="..." alt="..." class="img-rounded">
<img src="..." alt="..." class="img-circle">
<img src="..." alt="..." class="img-thumbnail">

Responsive images

Looking for how to make images more responsive? Check out the responsive images section up top.

Image effects Image effects Image effects Image effects


by DNNSkin.Net

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<div class="preff">
<div class="eitem">
<img src="/portals/31/team1.png" />
<div class="re-info">
<p>by Daniel Nyari></p>
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